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My TOP favourite make up products!

I often get questions about which make up brands i recommend and what my favourite products are. So i've decided to write a separate blog post about it :)

I'm lucky to have an opportunity to try lots of different make up products. And obviously i've noticed that the price can be relatively confusing. The more expensive doesn't always mean that it is better. I've been testing some fancy products, but also the ones from the more affordable shelves. 

So, have a look at my TOP choices this season!

1. I will start with a foundation. It's always very important to find the proper shade for your skin complexion.

A good foundation is supposed to be invisible on your face, just to cover the imperfections and add a glow to your skin, but not to look like a mask. First of all you need to see if your skin has more of a cold or a warm tone. 

You can easily test the shade on your jawline, the best if you try different ones next to each other. You can compare them well like that. 

Clinique has made 24 shades of the EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION, so it's directed to all of us :) 

For my skin the perfect choice is - IVORY. It leaves a natural look, but covers very well too! I'm generally not a fan of a heavy make up. I prefer that it's light for the skin and Even Better is perfect in that case.

It also has no parabens, no phthalates and no fragrance, but has SPF 15 which is quite important to mention in choosing a foundation. 

2. When you've already chosen the right shade for you, the most difficult part is over :)

The next step is - the CONCEALER:

i've tried a loooot, since i always need something for my dark circles and i must say, GOSH is quite a life saver.

I use two of their shades (002 IVORY, 004 Natural) and mix them together to match my color.

 3. EYE area. Since more than a year i'm getting eyelash extentions, which are pretty amazing! No need to worry about panda eyes after swimming in mascara ;P or simply going out without any make up on, cause lashes already doing their job :)

I'm having my extensions done in ENVY STUDIO in Vienna and honestly couldn't be more satisfied. 

But coming back to the make up topic:

Normally i don't use any eye shadows, only an eyebrow pencil or gel. The L.O.V 2 in 1 version of Eye Brow Pomade and Highlighter is my ultimate favourite one! Very easy to apply with an eyebrow brush. 

4. When it comes to cheeks, i discovered Urban Decay's - Naked Flushed Rouge, Bronzer and Highlighter Trio. You can use them individually or blend them together. I'm definitely obsessed with the beautiful, radiant finish that it leaves, There are multiple color combinations - the one that i'm using is STRIP. 

5. But don't forget that it's not only the products that you use, but also how you use them. Finding the right brushes for applying your make up is another important step. I'm using Real Techniques and couldn't recommend them more!! Especially EXPERT FACE BRUSH for foundations and BLUSH BRUSH for rouge and highlighter are the ones i always use. 

6. LIPSTICKS! - this is officially my favourite part of make up ;) in my opinion a lipstick changes the whole look. Even when you don't have enough time to go through the entire make up process, a simple touch of a lipstick can make a big difference, not only in the look, but in your confident feeling ;)


My beloved autumn lipstick is Urban Decay's - VICE Lipstick Comfort Matte (Hitch Hike). It's a perfect everyday shade. Feels very creamy while applying and stays on the lips for a really long time. They are available in all possible shades from subtle till super sexy. 

And here is the result! My everyday look using my TOP favourite make up products :) let me know how you like it!

Wishing you a great beginning of the week!



In friendly cooperation with Urban Decay, Clinique, Gosh, L.O.V and Real Techniques :)

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