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My beginnings in Vienna

Since my childhood, Vienna was the dream place, where we were always stopping by with my parents while going for holidays to Mediterranean Sea. Because of it's perfect, central European position, it s close to anywhere from here. Every time me and my brother just couldn't wait to go to the beloved Prater amusement park and try some new rollercoasters, even though i always knew that i was going to feel sick... Vienna had its stunning atmosphere that i could sense already since i was 10.

Probably because of that, the feeling of Vienna as a place so magical, a perfect home didnt leave my heart. By the cause of fortunate events in 2010 my dream came true and i got into the University of Music, one of the best in the world. I started to continue my violin profession and here i am, ready to tell what i have experienced and discovered in this wonderful place.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me.