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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

In our musicians' life we meet a lot of people while playing the music projects, they come from all over the world and then suddenly after sometime you realise that almost everywhere there is someone you know.

that only motivates me to go and visit them :) that s how i happened to be in London.

In London every hour seems like a rush hour. There is simply a lot happening, thousands of people in hurry. But you can always find a place for you to gather your thoughts or simply enjoy the moment. For me this place was in the middle of the bridge after the dawn, when the lights of the city are just taking your breath away. 

I didn't have a lot of time to sight see in London, but still managed to see most of the stuff from my list. 

Here are some advices for you:

- Big Ben and Westminster Abbey ( i guess this is an obvious point, shouldn't even mention that :) )

- As a musician i couldnt miss out on seeing the Royal Albert Hall, Royal College of Music. But the cherry on the top was a spontaneous visit at the Royal Opera House, where i was lucky to see the performance of Royal Ballett. Simply stunning!

- Have a look at Victoria and Albert Museum ( somehow it reminded me of Hogwarts .. haha, it must have been the mixture of the architecture and intimidating english accent ) - and of course HARRODS!!! everything is extremely expensive, so probably you will just leave the place only with packages of teas and small souvenirs, but still worth seeing this historical luxury department store. ( btw did you know that Harrods is own by the State of Qatar? )

- if after the whole day of walking around the city you would like to have a relaxing time in the bar, check my favourite neighbourhoods SOHO and CAMDEN with lots of bars around.

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