Goodiebox - Surprise yourself!

Who likes surprises? Raise your hand! ;)

The typical birthday feeling when you open a gift box and you have no idea what to expect in it. This is one of the reasons I adore subscription boxes! it feels like having birthday every month :)

In case you've never heard of GOODIEBOX, I will explain it to you now shortly.

Goodiebox is a subscription box of five to seven beauty products delivered to your home every month. The products are selected from among the most popular, innovative and fashionable brands in skin care, make-up, hair care and perfume. The content is always a surprise and is worth at least € 75 per box.

It's a perfect way to discover different brands, that you still might have not tried before.

Goodiebox has just launched in Austria and I couldn't be more happy to be one of the first ones to show you the secret content.

The September Box has five products and each of them will definitely be very useful for me :)

Let me show you what was inside:

MANUCURIST - Nailpolish "Bird of Paradise" from the Green-Line- not only the colour will suit me perfectly, but I need to add in here that it is made up to 84% of natural ingredients like potato, wheat, manioc, corn, cotto, coco, what is still not a common thing among nail polishes. It's also 9 FREE - which means it's free of toxic, dangerous chemicals and on top of that it's vegan and cruelty free!

RITUALS - The Ritual of Karma - Foot balm. When I see Rituals' logo I know already that I'll be satisfied. And the Rituals of Karma is my favourite collection, it smells like summer...

TEEEZ - Desert Metals Mascara - with a very trendy design! I'm still having extensions, but planning to have break soon, so it will definitely come in handy.

FIGS & ROUGE - Wonder Love Charm Elixir - it's a wonder serum. Already that it's pink and shiny makes me love it! So far tested it once and it left my skin super smooth and the hydrating Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamins A,C & E fight against moisture loss.

MIQURA - lip mask - already used it... ;) and it was such a relief for my poor chopped lips, after constant travelling and Air Conditioning in the last weeks. The lip mask contains nourishing and softening ingredients such as jojoba oil and provides an immediate help.

What's important to mention is the size of the products. All of them are in the original, full size, on the contrary to other subscription boxes, where you often get just samples.

So, these were the things that were inside the box. but honestly I was also very excited about the box .. :) cause, well call me a freak, but I collect all the pretty boxes and this one has already found a place in my apartment. It's so practical because of the way it opens and the design is just stunning.

So not only you get beauty products, but also an interior decoration :)

One GOODIEBOX costs 24,95€ (including Shipping costs! ) and you can easily register by clicking on this link.

If you decide to order your first GOODIEBOX don't hesitate to write me how you like it!

Would love to hear your opinion!

Wishing you a lovely day!



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