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Best editing Apps to make your Instagram stand out (+ free IG Story Stickers)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

How to create an Instagram feed that brings more followers?

What are the best apps for Instagram Stories?

These questions keep appearing in DMs from my Instagram followers, so I guess it's a good time to share with you some of my tips and tools I'm using in order to present a nice content.

First thing to make your instagram stand out is the CONTENT itself. Remember that this is the priority! All my photos that I'm posting are shot with DSLR Cameras and in a RAW format. This is important if you want to reach high quality results.

For my feed posts: I use Adobe LIGHTROOM and my own Presets I've created. One day I will share them with you ;)

Why are the presets (aka filters) important? If your photos use similar filters, their colours are going to be matching, which means the feed will look more cohesive and eye-catching.

If you don't have Lightroom on your computer and editing by yourself is still not your strong card, it's not a problem. There are awesome apps right now that do a pretty good job for you. ;)


Free with basic filters/ 21,99€ per year for premium account.

it's a perfect app when you want to keep your feed in a similar style with cool filters.

In addition to adding filters you can also edit the photo, adjust the light, saturation, white balance and so on.

As you can see on the example below.

vsco app photo editing example
vsco photo editing



It's a perfect app if you urgently need to retouch something or add some awesome effects like grainy film or lens blur.

snapped photo editing
snapped photo editing

3. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

A perfect solution if you don't have Lightroom on your computer. This mobile version is completely free and you can use a lot of great features from the paid desktop version.

Also you can install Lightroom presets on it, which comes in quite handy when you need to quickly edit your posts.

Lightroom  photo editing filter
Lightroom photo editing filter

Let's move to the INSTAGRAM STORY, cause that's a totally different game ;)

it's a perfect way to let your creativity flow and there are so many wonderful apps to help you with that.

My absolute favourite IG Story app is:


25 templates free, if you want more, you need to purchase a membership.

It's a must-have for every insta freak! It has beautiful templates in different styles. If you watch my stories, most of them are edited in this app ;) just love it! And it's so much fun playing with different designs!

Another similar app with beautiful templates (also animated ones) is:


Free, but also needs a membership for an access to all templates.


also free, but for more features extra purchases are necessary.


Free. It's a great app to create a nice video for IG or other platforms. They also have some free music and cool editing tools available to make your videos even more interesting.

Don't forget that your feed is one thing and IG Story something completely different, but equally important :)

As a little gift for you I prepared some Instagram Story Stickers for you to make your Stories even prettier!! :)

free Instagram story stickers

You can easily download them in here (for FREE!!) :) share with your friends if you like!

Magdalena in Vienna STORY STICKERS
Download ZIP • 264KB


1: Download the zipped folder to your device and unzip it.

2: Save the stickers in your photo album. I suggest creating a separate album only for the stickers.

3: Prepare your story.

4: Go to your album with the stickers.

5: Choose a sticker and press „Copy Photo“.

6: Go back to your Instagram story. The copied sticker will pop up over your story picture.

7: Paste the new sticker. Resize it as you wish and drag it to the desired position.

Hope you found something interesting for yourself reading this blogpost.

If you have a minute, download some of the apps & my stickers and enjoy the creative fun :)

Don't forget to look at my instagram profile and follow me if you haven't done it yet :)

Would be very happy to see you there too!

All the best!



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