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Austrian Holiday at Aldiana Club Ampflwang

This year has already changed our travel plans multiple times... So, instead of going anywhere abroad this summer, to avoid any unnecessary travel difficulties, we decided to discover our beautiful Austria a bit more and spend a few days outside of the city, in Upper Austria.

Surrounded by nature, far away from our normal life problems, we had all we needed to recharge ourselves...

Aldiana Club Ampflwang

is a large resort in Upper Austria, with a wide variety of activities. Perfect for couples' getaway or family holiday. In fact they offer so many sport classes and evening shows that it's difficult to choose what you want to do first.

Let me show you my impressions from the place and some of their activities :)


Already our road trip to the resort was totally idyllic. After driving through pretty, little towns and admiring the pure nature around, we entered a forest that led us to Aldiana Club Ampflwang.

Aldiana Club Ampflwang Resort
Things to do in here:

Depending on your preferences you can choose if you want to have more of an active or rather relaxing stay.

Two swimming pools (outdoor & indoor), jacuzzi, spa area with 2 saunas and a steam bath and a relaxing zone.

If you're more into sports, you can use their tennis, beach volleyball courts, take a bike tour, indoor cycling and other fitness classes like Pilates or Aerobic. Honestly you can't complain about lack of possibilities in there!

But my absolute highlight was the horse ranch.

They are offering trainings on one of their 50 beautiful horses. Doesn't matter if you're an advanced rider or just a beginner. Actually I had my first horseback riding lesson in there! As a little girl I had one too, but well, it was on a pony, so I don't think it really counts ;)

My training was definitely an unforgettable experience and I'm already thinking where I could do that in Vienna more often! This connection between an animal and a human is something absolutely special!

Traveling with kids?

If you happen to have young kids, this place is going to be a paradise for them. Different animation programs, activities, shows and a big adventurous playground (Flosse Abenteuerland) are going to entertain your kids all day long!

Le't s talk about FOOD!

Every guest in there has a full board included, there is no way you would get hungry at any point of the day!

Breakfast starts at 7 and lasts till 11, from 12.30-14 it's lunch time. And if you're up for an afternoon snack you can grab something to eat between 15-17 too. A huge dinner with.chef's special dishes is served from 19-20.45. They have also special times for the kids' meals..

restaurant bar club Aldiana

Every meal is in form of an open buffet, with soft drinks, tea, coffee and beer included. (alcoholic drinks are to be paid extra, but with very reasonable prices) There are multiple bars all around the resort, so you always have a chance to order something in case you get thirsty! ;)

Nowadays, a very important aspect is the COVID-19 security. and therefore I want to shortly mention their ground rules. On every corner you can find disinfectants.

Wearing masks is obligatory in the spa area and in the restaurant.

The guests were actually following the rules really strictly, what made our stay feel very secure.

We're actually very lucky to catch the last hot days in September.

We stayed in the resort for 3 nights and it was a perfect end of summer!

Already thinking when we could back there ... ;)

Thank you Aldiana for hosting us and see you in the future!

If you have any questions about our stay, just write in the comment:)




*in friendly cooperation with Aldiana Club Ampflwang

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